European Poker Tour Robbery Gives a Boost to Online Tournaments

Lots of gamers are becoming careful about attending live poker tournaments after 358,000 was stolen at a daring mid day robbery at the European Poker Tour event in Berlin on March 6th.

The European Poker Tour started in 2004 like a More Compact variant of this World Poker Tour. This year’s excursion has 1 3 unique stops for example the prestigious EPT Grand Final which is played Monte Carlo this April. While poker related robberies have occurred in the US from time to time here could be the first robbery to impact a big championship and leaves most wondering how exactly secure those events have been พุชชี่888.

Camera crews recording the tournament activity gained significantly more than they bargained for when four men came with firearms and machetes and introduced it was an armed robbery. The footage from the championship demonstrates players ducking for cover beneath tables and vying for the departure. The beginner team was unable to get away with a lot of the money thanks for the intervention of one of these security guards,” police claimed. Police have gradually reeled in every of the gang members soon after March 17 when one of those gang switched himself in. The Associated Press claimed the Mustafa Ucarkus was detained last Saturday in addition to the fourth largest defendant, Jihad Chetwie, was arrested upon his own return from Beirut.

Many media sources have

reporting which the authorities took a fifth defendant into their custody on Monday. This individual involved would be just a 28-year older Lebanese citizen and is considered to become one who organized that the prosecution as well as subsequent escape.

Even the Berlin prevent of the EPT attracted nearly 950 individuals for example previous tennis champ Boris Becker and featured just a 4.7 million euro decoration pool. However, the robbery occurred after many of the gamers had been expunged. The match continued a few hours after the robbery and the million-euro grand prize was eventually claimed by American Kevin MacPhee.